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 Advertising & Marketing Creative Concepts,
Copywriting & editing, Professional Proofreading,
Art Direction of Photoshoots,
Project Management,
Special Events &
Trade Show Coordination,
Digital Graphic Design,
Print Production Supervision,
Fulfillment & Mailing Services

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Last Updated: 9/12/2016


Portolio Sample PDFs:

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Conference Booklets:
(note-we are only permitted to share a portion of this conference material due to sensitive nature of the information.)
MedTech Showcase Sample

Biotech Showcase 2016

Biotech Showcase 2015


Ad Journal Booklets
includes coordination of ads and composing custom ads or placing camera-ready ad art.
Florida Tango Festival 2015
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2008
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2006
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2009

Rack Card 4x9 Brochure 2015
Two-sided cards for trade shows, brochure racks, direct-mail, door-hangers, and more.
rack card

MTS Yachts Booklet Brochure

Yacht Crew Connection Ad

Yacht Crew Connection 4x6 promo for parents/schools

MTS Brochure
BBT Miami Booklet Brochure
GCA Catalog
Large Size Brochure Book
9x11 Brochures & Progams
9x11 brochure
Logo Designs>
Gate-Fold Brochure for HAGM
4x9 Four Panel Brochures Jumbo Postcard Mailers
Realtor® Door Cards for KW 4x6 Postcard Mailers


KW thumb


ad journal 2 Ad journal program 1