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illustration & Fine Art  

 Advertising & Marketing Creative Concepts,
Copywriting & editing, Professional Proofreading,
Art Direction of Photoshoots,
Project Management,
Special Events &
Trade Show Coordination,
Digital Graphic Design,
Print Production Supervision,
Fulfillment & Mailing Services

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Illustration & Fine Art  
Artist's Statement  
     Fascinated by highlights and shadows, darks and whites and their spacial relationship that allows the eye to perceive them as three-dimensional object, I began my preference to sketch with pencil or charcoal during my teen years. Though I spent my adult years busily growing my career in Public Relations and Graphic Design, I returned to art as a hobby only recently, in the last 10 years as I encouraged my mother to get back into her hobby as an artist. Now, in semi-retirement, I spend more time exploring my talent and expanding into media I have never before tried. I am particularly drawn to the play of light & shadow as it lends depth to the curve of a shoulder, the drape of a cloth, and the crevices of facial features, from a baby's roundness to the elder wrinkles of the aged. I look forward to delving into oil & acrylic painting, pastels and watercolor in the near future.  

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